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Hey guys,

I don't see many threads specific to the CX-50 Turbo Premium and I do know that there's a ton of videos on YouTube for auto detailing but what specifically are you using to maintain the interior/exterior your vehicle? After going through various forums for interior/exterior maintenance on product recommendations, there doesn't really appear to be general consensus on the best products to use as long as it gets the job done.

The below are some of the items that I've purchased for the exterior and I am curious to hear what others are using as well. I haven't purchased any products for the interior yet as it seems much more prone to damage as opposed to the exterior of the vehicle if the incorrect product is used. Any items listed in the interior section that I listed are some popular items that I've found when doing my research.

A. Exterior: These are the products that I am currently using right now.

a. Applicators/Brushes/Microfiber Towels/Sponge
  • Chemical Guys Tire Applicator: Haven't used this to provide any feedback yet.
  • Sudz Buds Premium Jumbo Foam Sponges: It's a very big sponge that has cuts in between to trap dirt and debris. I like it but I think it would be easier to use a regular wash mitt.
  • Tire Cleaning Brush
  • Tire Cleaning Brush Double Loop: Seems very extra but I bought this to get into the crevices of the rims after using the tire brush to clean the bigger surface areas.
  • Kirkland Signature Microfiber Towel Case: As much as it's a decent value, it feels a little cheap and on the rougher side. In addition, every towel has a tag on it that you need to be careful of using so that you do not scratch the paint of the vehicle. I would probably not recommend this towel and get something that's better quality.
  • Snap & Store Squeegee: I haven't had a chance to use this yet but I was thinking of using this for the windshields/windows and moonroof to make it easier to clean.

b. Cleaning Products
  1. Windex Ammonia-Free Glass Cleaner: It has a nice smell and seems to do the job. I chose this product since it seemed to have least harmful amount of ingredients.
  2. Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine: Fairly straight forward product to use and has a nice smell to it. It does clean the car pretty well assuming your vehicle isn't caked in dirt.
  3. Optimum Car Wax: It seems to do a great job in giving the car a smooth finish but I've noticed that it seems to also attract a lot of insects, especially mosquitos that seem to be landing on my vehicle.
  4. Tire Cleaner: I haven't used this product yet as I still need to do more research on the best way to clean the rims, whether to take them off of the vehicle or spray the product onto the rims while mounted as I do not want to damage the brake pads/calipers.
  5. Meguiar's Endurance Tire Gel: Haven't used it yet to provide any real feedback due to #3.

c. Wash Buckets/grit guard/spray bottles
  • Chemical Guys Cyclone Grit Guard: I'm currently using the chemical guys cyclone grit guard and it appears to do the job but it doesn't sit fully flush down into the 5 gallon Home Depot bucket. It probably stops at around 15-20% down the bucket and sits there.
  • The Original Grit Guard: This product sits flush into a 5 gallon bucket and goes all the way down compared to the chemical guys cyclone grit guard.
  • Harbor Freight 5 gallon bucket: Nothing special but the lids do not come with a gasket.
  • Home Depot 5 gallon bucket: Nothing special but the lids do come with a gasket.
  • Zep 32 oz. spray bottle: Nothing special, I have only used the Optimum wax inside of it and it doesn't appear to clog the nozzles.

d. Questions
  • How often do you clean your vehicle?
  • How do you clean your vehicle in the winter time? For example, do you bring it to a touchless car wash?
  • Do you wash the undercarriage of your vehicle using a pressure washer during the winter or do you not care? Just curious for people that live in the east coast as the road salt is very corrosive.
  • Did you pay for the dealer to apply XPEL or any other types of coatings out there or did you DIY using aftermarket products?

B. Interior - I haven't ordered any products for the interior yet but does anyone have any recommendations/feedback on any of the below items?

a. Items to clean
  1. Ceiling upholstery: Doesn't seem like an item that can be easily cleaned once it gets dirty.
  2. Center console
  3. Dash
  4. Door trim fabric/leather portion
  5. Windshield/anything glass: Do you just use Windex?
  6. Head unit/screen
  7. Seats
  8. Shifter knob
  9. Steering Wheel: I installed Wheel Skins on mine so it shouldn't be an issue but what about the center portion of the steering wheel where the air bag is?
b. Cleaning Products
  • Meguiar's G13600 Quick Interior Detailer Wipes
  • Optimum No-Rinse Wash and Shine
  • Lexol Leather Care Kit Conditioner and Cleaner
  • Leatherique Leather Rejuvenator/Prestine
  • Leather Honey Leather Conditioner
  • Aerospace 303 Automotive Protectant: Only for protecting the leather and not for cleaning.
c. Applicators/Brushes
  • Horse hair
  • Boars hair
  • Makeup brush
d. Questions
  1. What is your cleaning process? For example, do you (1) vacuum the seats>(2) agitate seats with leather cleaner using a brush>(3) wipe off with a micro fiber towel>(4) apply leather conditioner as the final step before (5) buffing it out with a microfiber towel?
  2. How often do you clean the leather trim of your vehicle?
  3. How do you get the crease out of the leather seats?
  4. Do you notice a strange smell with any of the products that you use? Weird question I know but I've read some of the products leave a pungent smell and it doesn't go away even after airing it out especially Leatherique even though it's a highly recommended product.
  5. If you punctured the leather/damaged it, do you plan to DIY to fix it or do you plan on bringing it to a professional?

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I am using Optimum No Rinse for most of my washes and then a similar dilution for cleaning the interior. On occasion I will use Meguiars Liquid Gold Car Wash if the car is really filthy. For glass, I use Invisible Glass. Then Aerospace 303 for tire protection. I used Griots Garage Synthetic Clay pad and followed with Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax.

My general philosophy with cleaning is less is more. I do not add protectants to the interior for example. Automotive interiors are already coated and most conditioning products will not penetrate the coating. My experience is, keep it clean, use a sunshade, and keep it in a garage when possible. These things will keep the car looking new.
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