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What do you Tow with your CX-50?

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There's been a few posts now about people wanting to install tow hitches and it has me curious about what everyone plans on towing with their CX-50.

Is it something like a camper or a trailer? Or do you need the hitch for something like a bike rack?
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I’m using it for a bike rack, a 2-place covered snowmobile trailer and a 7x14 aluminum utility trailer with a 4 person SxS.
I'll be towing motorcycles / utility trailers and maybe a camper if I ever convince my wife to go camping.
I will use it for a bike rack and the potential for a small camper. 3500lbs can get you into a nice small trailer with supplies rather comfortably.
I use it for the bike rack, small utility trailer and soon-ish I'll be getting a Nucamp 320 camper.
Duck boat, hitch haul and a small enclosed cargo trailer.
Was hoping to tow a bike without a trailer but the OEM hitch pin is only rated for 300-350 lbs. So just my mountain bike now.
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