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Hey guy! I got my new CX-50 (non-turbo) last week and absolutely love it! One thing that bothers me so much is that it has hesitation on take-off almost every time from a dead stop. After I release the brake pedal, the car would have body vibration, sometimes with RPM dips from 800 to 600. This hiccup usually takes a second before the car can accelerate.

The funny thing is that my 19 Mazda 3 had the same problem when I just got it. But the symptom completely disappeared after the recall on the rocker arm that reprogrammed the Power Control Module (PCM). However, I don't think there's an active recall/TSB for my CX-50 to reprogram its PCM.

I wondered if any of you have encountered a similar symptom on your 50 and how it is resolved?
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