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2023 CX-50 2.5 S Premium Plus
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Hey, all!

I’m a first-time Mazda owner coming from 18 years and 225,000 miles with my beloved 2005 Subie Outback. I had planned to replace it in 2019, then said, “Meh. I can get another year out of this thing, no problem.” FFWD through a pandemic…and some pandemonium…and here we are.

As much as I love my Outback (I still have it), current research told me I’d get more for my money, and better reliability, going the Mazda route this time. And so, while I’m generally not an early adopter, I went with the CX-50, which is purported to be an “Outback killer”. And, with 57 miles on the odometer, I can say this definitively: It absolutely is as far as style and “fun-to-driveability” are concerned. No “Turbo” required. I’m in the process of making it my own and I still have so much to learn. (Tech has changed a bit since 2005. 😉) But tell me, people, will it last me 18 years?? 🤣
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