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Swirl marks on Soul Red noticed the next day after delivery

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Hello folks,
I just took delivery of a C-50 Turbo Premium in Soul Red on Sunday. I actually picked it up at night so I didn't notice any obvious blemishes. However, today I saw the car for the first time in the sun and noticed tons of swirl marks on the hood (primarily). It's most noticeable there due to the flat surface. You can see some others on the fenders, but they aren't as obvious. My first thought was when the car was detailed they didn't use the appropriate drying cloths, but as I didn't watch them do it I can't be sure. I told the dealership about it, and they pretty much said that it's going to be more noticeable in the red for starters and since the car was so new they suggested I wait a couple months and then they would wax it. I would hope they'd do more than wax it and actually polish it as well. Anyway, do you think it warrants waiting 2 months? Their main dealership is actually undergoing renovations so their body shop is currently not in full operation. My guess is that's actually why they want me to wait. What do you think I should do?

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That is super annoying and is one of the reasons I ask the dealer to just not touch the car. Most of them are not properly caring for the paint when they clean it and end up doing more harm than good.

Having said that, auto paint is going to have swirls, especially if it is a car that has been on the dealer lot and they are "washing" it on a somewhat regular basis. I am not sure what obligation they are under to deliver a car without swirls. Before I let them touch it again, I would figure out what level of detailing they actually do. Them telling you they will wax it is not encouraging. Wax does nothing to help swirls.
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So are you suggesting I bite the bullet and resolve it myself or wait and see what they do?
I personally would not have the dealer do anything. I would either live with it, pay to have it corrected by a professional detailer, or learn to do it myself as AWSD suggested. Having said that, dealers do contract out some body work to professional detailers. If they are offering that, I would find out who they use and if they are good, consider that route.
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