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After 1000km on my car, those good year eagle touring feels horrible. Not sufficient grip, horrible road noise and pretty mediocre handling. Maybe I should go my old route and toss some PS4 on there, maybe P Zero or even INDY 500 on there. Anyone else have any complaints about their tires?
Hi. They're Goodyear's!! Fully agree! I wouldn't put Goodyear's on my tractor! I may be putting Micheln's on soon. (all my tires have been Michelin's) You can get a good Michelin for around $256 ($US). Compare to the cheap "Badyear's" (changed the name because every year is a BadYear with Goodyear tires.) What's on the 50 is around $206 or less. ($US) Yes, disappointed that Mazda would put these on what I believe to be a great car!!
From TireRack Review:
April 28, 2022 (Verified Purchase)
1.0 out of 5

The tire purchase and delivery was flawless, the recommended installer did a good job, but after only 9000 miles I entered the vehicle for an oil change and the technician recommended my tires needed replacement the measurement of the tread depth indicated 2/32 of an inch meaning replace as soon as possible I could not believe that the tire was completely worn less than 10,000 miles.

3.37 (out of 5)
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