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2023, Mazda GS-L
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The GS-L is the lowest of the 3 Canadian trims (I don't know what it maps to amongst the US trims).
The 3 trims are , GS-L, GT and GT Turbo , so 2 naturally aspirated trims.
Based in Calgary (AB - Alberta).
I don't drive with a heavy foot. Only use regular (87 ) fuel. My results are based on the gas pump

My weekly drive involves 80kph, 100kph and neighbourhood 40-50kph routes.
Mileage at fill-up: 2834km.
km driven: 502
fuel required to fill up to 1st click: 40.1 litres

Calculated fuel economy: 8.6l/100km (27.35mpg)

Calgary to Kamloops (BC) and back. Highway around 90kph in national parks and 100kph or 110kph where posted.
Majority of the drive is through the mountains.

1) Fill-up at Lake Louise (odometer reading 3032km), drove to Kamloops, drove maybe total 50km in Kamloops, short 50kph , 70kph drives
and filled up on return at Salmon Arm (BC),

Mileage at fill-up: 3638km.
km driven: 606
fuel required to fill up to 1st click: 41.477 litres

Calculated fuel economy: 6.84l/100km (34.39mpg)

2) Salmon Arm (BC) to Calgary (AB) Fill-up in Calgary,

Mileage at fill-up: 4156km.
km driven: 517.7
fuel required to fill up to 1st click: 33.198 litres

Calculated fuel economy: 6.4l/100km (36.75mpg)

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