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I purchased a very lightly used 2023 CX-50 Turbo (only) late in 2022 (1100 miles), and I decided to activate Nav. The dealership sold me an SD card for the Nav, at about $450, and installed it as I waited. So far it works well. Actually, it runs slower than a Garmin, but it isn't too bad. I was later searching around in the Nav section data, and I noticed the version for the Nav was circa 2019!! This seems really old, considering I bought the car in Dec 2022. I thought these Nav vendors updated their software at least once a year(?).

Does anyone know the latest version of this software? I hope I didn't get snookered. If so, how do I get the latest version? I am reluctant give a dealer more business, if they sold me out of date software in the first place.
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