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I Love the look of the CX-50 from every angle but the back, where it seems a bit blah for my taste. So, I was looking around for an aftermarket spoiler of the right size and angle and flexibility that I could mount across the midpoint of the liftgate to break up the 'slab'. I saw the pictured one in a few places (multiple vendors, but all looked the same) both on AliExpress and Amazon. Amazon ones cost a bit more but had the advantage of instant gratification and ease of return - plus it's only ~$20 even from Amazon :).

This was the one I got, and I added a couple of other vendors too: - mine. - alternative1 - alternative2

I had wanted to install it the way up shown in the image below, with the 'short' wall uppermost to give the best angle with the near vertical liftgate, but it turned out that that the ends of the spoiler would then turn down and not align well and also that part of the liftgate was less vertical than I thought anyway, so I mounted it 180 degrees from this - which is the normal orientation for this spoiler in the first place.

Here is the result. Note that the thing is so flexible that it's pretty difficult to get it level when sticking it on. I'll leave it on for a while at least to see if it grows on me. I'm thinking about maybe painting it body color instead of black. But here it is to maybe provide food for thought...

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