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Non Turbo model

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Hey there,

Been debating a new CX-5 and CX-50. I do like the overall look of the CX-50 but still getting used to the rear from behind (lets say I parked behind the CX-50 from a stopped light, its rear/vents are too wide for my taste).

Haven't driven the CX-50 yet but driven CX-5 many times throughout the years.

Is the non turbo enough power for day to day driving? About 10 times a year, I tow my jetski/trailer combo of 1200lbs. Current owner of a 2022 MX-5, so I need something that is more practical after selling my 2019 RDX and 2010 Honda Element (both were AWD) l. I am interested in the "Select" trim whenever it comes out (says early 2023). Will go test drive the CX-50 today.

Thanks for reading.

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Is the non turbo enough power for day to day driving?
You’ll likely get a 50/50 response on this. I say no it’s not enough. At 4200lb the cx50 isn’t really a pig, but it’s by no means light. A normally aspirated 4 cylinder 187 hp engine in a mid size crossover wagon of this size is way less than ideal.
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