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Yes I would say the ride comfort is minimal but better.
It gets pretty subjective.
I think it improve slightly but the tires also factor (Veredastine Quadtrac Pro)
On paper this tire is ideal for me. I have had good luck with there tires in the past.
My main reasons for making the change was due to local roads. (Pennsylvania road suck for the most part).
And I think it looks better with the 18's.
At this point I think tire/wheel size and highway road noise are my two biggest issues now. It's a nice car for me.
But I hate much of the "electronics". All cars have them but in many ways I think it makes for worse drivers in the end...

Motorized lift gate with no foot activate switch?
I can open and close the lift gate by hand. Thank you. :)
The wheels look good. I went with 17's with the same result. My biggest gripe with the CX 50 is, like yours, too much in the way of electronics and no way to shut off un-needed nanny systems. Went to a carwash the other day. When entering they ask for you to put the vehicle in neutral once on the belt and foot off the brake. Once I did this, I turned off the engine and the emergency brake immediately self applied causing the vehicle to begin skipping over the blocks on the belt that propel you through the carwash. They had to shut down the whole thing so I could restart and take the brake off......what a pain. I can't stand a car that acts like it is smarter than I am and no way to shut off annoying NANNY electronics. I-90 over numerous passes is badly worn from semi's using chains in the winter. Last trip I was purposely staying out of the ruts to reduce horrible road noise and received constant lane warnings because I was close to the white line. I was able to shut off the steering wheel shaker but still got audible warnings ...... annoying!! I too can't see the need for a motorized tailgate, especially when it it has no foot activate switch. Overall, I'm impressed with the vehicle, but allow me to drive it!!!
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