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New to Mazda - Las Vegas

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Hello all, I am happy to be part of the community; I am looking to sell my Meridian wheels and tires (less than 400 miles) if anyone is interested. I will post an after pic when she gets her new shoes...
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Would help to know where you are and how much you want?
I'm here in Las vegas; I am looking for $1300.00.
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I was just there at vegas on monday night picking a turbo premium. I think the 18s is better ride then the 20s. I guess you upgraded to the 20s? any difference on the ride between your old 18s and your new 20s?
Are you interested in the Meridian 18s' I have for sale?
I don't feel there is a noticeable difference in ride going in a straight line; the Falken tires have firm side walls. I will say that I purchased the 50 over other options based on the handling, and driving experience, so a firm ride is what I expected and like. The main difference is cornering, the 18s' flex slightly as they load in a corner, and the 20s' do not. I am not an off-roading adventurer, and purchased the Meridian based on the 0% APR offer, and price, which is why I replaced the sneeks.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts