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Canadian - we just have 3 models so it was easier to choose. CX-50 GT NA, Zircon Sand with Terracotta. 3 weeks old and no issues yet except would like to get the TCU update and see if it helps with the remote start turning on the heat and defroster- or is that wishful thinking? Previous CX-7 and CX-5 owner. I loved the CX-7 but thought the CX-5 was kind of mundane so was excited for the CX-50. Up here in Canada I ordered May 22 and received it 7 months later on Dec. 27.
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Want to add that I ordered Tuxmats as soon as I knew I was getting the delivery of the car so I ahd them already before the car arrived. I am extremely pleased with them.
Congrats on getting your CX-50! What do you like the most about your car since you picked it up.
Like the most: Infotainment is a big upgrade from my 2014 CX5 which was a touchscreen. I like that it uses the wheel and buttons to control it. So far there is nothing I like less about this car than my previous one. My winter tires are noticeably quieter than on my previous car. This one has a lot more features that have come out since 2014.
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