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New Soul Red PFP Owner

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Picked up a 2023 Soul Red CX-50 PFP this past Saturday. Absolutely love the car so far. The red and black trim is stunning. The handling on the road feels great and the power of the engine feels really peppy. I'm coming from a 2013 CX-5 with the Sky Blue Mica. I loved that blue and sad it's no longer an option but quickly fell in love with the red. My CX-5 only had the 2.0L engine so this feels like a huge upgrade in power. This is my 3rd Mazda, my first being a 2005 Mazda6.
Has all the features I wanted minus an auto dimming mirror with homelink, which I installed myself last night. Really missed that from my Mazda6.

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Congrats and welcome from a fellow PFP owner!
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Where did you get the auto dimming mirror with home link? I have your exact same cx50 and
Just love it also. Thank you.
It's part number VA40-V7-210. I ordered from who are located in my state. You could get it possibly from a dealer closer to you. It requires taking apart the upper sensor area and tapping into a few wires. It included instructions and wasn't terribly hard to do if you are comfortable with that type of work.

Still really loving mine! Just so much fun to drive.
Thank you for the info. I’ll check it out.
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