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New Preferred Plus Owner

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Picked up a new preferred plus a month ago and wanted to introduce myself. It joined my '22 BMW M4 that I also have in the stable.

I ordered the M4 in January 2022 and took delivery April 2022 thinking it would be my daily. However, it does not come with a spare tire or run flats and I ended up getting stuck 400 miles from home waiting for a tire replacement on one of my last road trips.

Alas 2 weeks after that trip I picked up the Preferred Plus at my local Mazda dealer. I always wanted a small SUV anyway!

The BMW community on the forums is a very large and helpful one. If this community grows to even be a fraction of that one then we'll all be in good hands.

So far I'm enjoying the new ride. Only annoyances so far are the dreaded panoramic roof rattle and exterior B pillar trim alignment. Only logged 1100 miles but just got back from an 800 mile round trip on Sunday and it was flawless.

Looking forward to getting to know several of you. I have an extensive background in the automotive industry and general engineering and am currently an engineering manager for an aerospace company.

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Welcome to the forum. It’s pretty quiet around here, but hopefully as more people join it’ll liven up. I’ve also been a contributor and reader of many forums and consider them excellent resources, so the more the merrier!
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