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Hi Everyone,

I purchased a turbo premium plus in zircon sand on Easter. I traded in my CX-5 and could not be happier. It was the last one in stock, and I was able to go in and just purchase it without preordering or anything. It did have a paint imperfection in the driver’s door jam on the bottom, which I stupidly didn’t take a photo of, but it’s slightly visible in the interior photo below. If you look at the lower left corner, you can see the white/gray scuff mark. The dealer gave me a loaner CX-9 while they look at it.
Overall, I love the car. The turbo makes it very fun to drive, and the traffic assist is quite nice and convenient.
I will say my HUD on my CX-5 was brighter/whiter/taller. This HUD seems a little less bright, and the display seems “squatier”
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