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Hi all!

I traded in my 2018 Mazda 3 hatchback for a CX50. I had been considering upsizing to an SUV for a while and when I heard the CX50 was built on the same platform as the 3 I was sold.
I purchased the turbo premium plus in zircon sand with terra cotta interior. The dealer installed a lot of accessories (apparently $1500 worth) that I didn’t ask for so I was able to negotiate them out of my out the door price.

After driving it for almost a month I can say that the drive feel and agility feel very similar to the 3 and I am very pleased with how the CX50 handles. I have taken it on loose gravelly roads a few times and felt that it handled itself well on the bumpy and uneven parts, which is really all I need to get to and from the mountain bike trails and climbing areas.

The CX50 has a good amount of acceleration at higher speeds, and I love the smooth and quiet ride. The interior is also clean, simple, and upscale which I love (I don’t like how a lot of new cars have tons of physical buttons that clutter up your view). As expected it is zippy and fun to drive.

The heated and ventilated seats work well and the overall experience is very comfortable. Mazda has significantly improved its sound deadening compared to previous generations.
The technology is improved from previous generation Mazda but there are occasional connectivity issues with Apple CarPlay. The Bose speakers also sound amazing!

One thing I would caution about is that the OEM Mazda cross bars have A LOT of wind noise at highway speeds and it distracts from an otherwise comfortable experience- I used some dakine aeropads to decrease the wind noise but I think it is effecting my gas mileage negatively, so I am going to be removing them soon.

Typically I have been getting 26 mpg on my highway commute with them on so I hope this will improve when they’re removed.

I am looking forward to having a trailer hitch installed when they become available.

Overall I am very pleased with my purchase and love my new SUV, you get so much bang for your buck with Mazda!

Edit: I removed my cross bars due to wind noise and at highway speeds the db reading was improved to 53db, and fuel economy increased on my commute from 23mpg to 26.5mpg.

On average noise levels at street speeds are at around 48db. Very quiet compared to my previous generation Mazda 3!

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