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After 500 miles
Likes: handling, steering (it is not "heavy"), torque, suspension is well tuned (I understand the "hate" for the cheap-ish rear torsion beam, but it has good manners cornering), turbo engine, 6-speed transmission (no CVT, yay), AWD (the car is amazing in the snow with 18s and Michelin X-ice snow), exterior design, HUD, Bose sound system, high resolution 360 camera, wireless Android Auto, adaptive cruise control is smooth, lane departure is not intrusive (people see this as a con), depth of the trunk, infotainment (no problems with the knob, and android auto is touch screen all the time), seats are great (central stitching is not an issue, and they are firm but comfortable)

Neutral: panoramic roof. Makes the cabin feel "roomier". Until you open it, and well, it barely opens :) . Brakes are meh for the weight and handling characteristics of the car. Will look at different rotors or pad compounds. Mileage could be better.

Dislike: backup camera exposed, gets dirty all the time. My GTI mk7 hides it behind the VW emblem and pops out when in reverse. The front radar sensor is not heated, thus snow and ice obstructs it. Mazda connect app and remote start. Interior lighting. No fog lights
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