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Howdy Y’all (I don’t really talk like that)

1.5 month owner of 2023 PPT, zircon sand with terracotta. They sure look good together. Saw a couple checking it out in the Home Depot parking lot as I was walking up😁. Had a deposit down for over a month waiting for it to get delivered. I’ve only seen 2 other 50s in the wild here and they were both PMG. That’s a good thing since it seems like every other car on the road is a CX5. Less than 1000 miles on it because I had a couple non road trips planned.
Love the car so far. First Mazda. Coming from a Subaru Crosstrek. 50 blows it out the water performance wise and it’s so much more fun to drive. I don’t mind the ride quality at all and the road noise is minimal. Of course it cost me almost twice as much (paid MSRP) than my 2014 Trek. Used to have a Q5 and it has similar feel. Interior feels luxurious. Biggest gripe is the entertainment system. I like Jeep’s (other vehicle, wife’s daily) interface much better. Wireless charger is worthless. Based on seating position and style, it’s basically a wagon. I’m okay with that since it reminds me of the an Audi All-road (one of my favs).
Edit: Don’t really plan on doing any real off-roading but maybe that’ll change once I’ve got a few scratches on her. I think this vehicle is pretty limited based on the approach angle and clearances. Would need some serious mods to get there and def lose the 20’ rims.
PS. I’ll try to post some pics soon.
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