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I want to apologize for not releasing this sooner. I had this done for weeks but procrastinated and held it off.
I made a few phone calls and put together a list of all Mazda Dealers in PENNSYLVANIA along with info on markups.

I was shopping for a cx-50 and just gathered information. I originally didn't intend to do this but with how things are, I decided to call the other dealerships and gather some info. Some info have question marks due to missing/vague info.

Mazda CX-50 List

Advice for Shopping Regardless of State
In general, call the dealers in your state first. Only go out of state if you need to and even then, call and find out if they charge markup for out of state customers. Some dealerships charge markup for out of State/County residents and some charge it regardless. And then some stick with MSRP.
The ETA on their website is an estimate. The car can arrive sooner or a little later than the date. Sometimes its at the dock waiting or on a train being shipped(which can be done quickly).
Once you have found the model of your liking, reserve it. Most of the time, they get reserved ahead of time and are already sold by the time they reach the lot. (I was able to get a preferred plus at the lot luckily).
Ask for the out the door price and check if they do out of house financing. Some may or may not to make money on you from in house deals with their banks.
Ask the dealer if the deposit is refundable or not. Then find out the minimum amount as it may vary.
Some dealers also offer in 'complementary services' such as maintenance, loaner cars , etc.
If there are any issues to the list, feel free to let me know and I'll update it. I hope this helps someone.
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