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Mazda CX-50 will be revealed in November and built in Alabama

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Mazda has announced that the CX-50 will be revealed in November and that it will be built at Mazda Toyota Manufacturing, U.S.A., Inc. in Huntsville, Alabama.

They also revealed that there will be a CX-70 and CX-90 coming to the lineup in the future.


In November, Mazda will reveal the CX-50, the next midsize crossover to join its lineup in the US. The CX-50 will share its platform with Mazda’s latest generation products, CX-30 and Mazda3, with enhanced all-wheel drive (AWD) capabilities and functionality for consumers with outdoor active lifestyles. Production will begin in January 2022 at the new Mazda Toyota joint venture factory, Mazda Toyota Manufacturing, U.S.A., Inc. in Huntsville, Alabama.

Following CX-50, Mazda will introduce two additional SUVs for the US market from its all-new large platform: CX-90 followed by the CX-70. These models will feature Mazda’s new longitudinal architecture with new inline-six-cylinder and plug-in hybrid powertrains. This shared layout provides both vehicles Mazda’s next-level performance, handling, technology, and design.

A major difference between the models will be passenger occupancy, with the CX-90 providing three rows of seats and the CX-70 offering two rows of seats. The proportions of both vehicles will be optimized for US consumers with expanded interior cabin and cargo spaces.

The design, features, pricing, and trim details of the CX-50, CX-70, and CX-90 will be announced closer to their on-sale dates. While CX-50 and CX-70 will serve as additions to Mazda’s lineup in the US, CX-90 will replace the current generation CX-9 as Mazda’s US three-row SUV.
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