By 2035 Mazda plans to have carbon neutral factories by 2035.

Mazda’s current EV portfolio is rather small. On a global scale, there’s the MX-30 which is the brand’s first production electric vehicle. There’s also a zero-emissions crossover for the Chinese market – the CX-30, developed in cooperation with Mazda’s joint venture with Chinese company Changan. Three other EVs and five PHEVs will be unveiled by 2025 but, more importantly, Mazda is committed to achieving a carbon-neutral production around the world no later than the middle of the next decade.

The recently announced plan by the Japanese automaker is part of a larger goal of making the entire Mazda supply chain carbon neutral by 2050. The company is focused on three key areas to realize its strategy – energy conservation, shift to renewable energies, and introduction of carbon-neutral fuels for in-house transportation. Mazda will also continue to support its efforts toward making its supply chain greener in the process.