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I bought my car to keep miles off my diesels and for trips to town and errands and so far the car has been good, I live on our farm so the car definitely gets driven on terrible dirt roads probably about 40% of its miles currently on it. I bought it 2 weeks ago and currently have just over 1k on it and it’s been pretty solid so far, ride quality is good considering a small vehicle on less than decent roads, alignment is already off so that’s a huge bummer but to be expected, fuel economy is great, dash already has some rattles in it from the road.. again to be expected living on bad roads, 4x4 with open diffs is a bummer but I haven’t gotten stuck yet. I live 2 hours from the dealer I bought it from and plan on taking to them for my first service but I notice their is no interval for the rear differential and trans. Are they fill for life? I always change my transfer case, diff and trans oil every 50k on my pick ups and was surprised they don’t have any interval for that. I’ll be changing my engine oil every 5k using shaeffers after my first oil change from Mazda just wondering if any insight on basic maintenance for diff and trans. Also anyone know if you can remote start from the key fob? It sucks having to use a phone to start it since I have terrible service in my area.
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