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Infotainment screen blank

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Only 2,500 miles on the car, and and the entire infotainment screen is blank. No music options, navigation, settings etc…I know the actual screen works because the backup camera is functioning. Any tips?
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Dealer and electronic update or service bulletin check? Sorry that this happened.
Well this is embarrassing, but maybe it will help someone someday. The screen went out when I was putting something in the back, and my husband was sitting in the passenger seat. He must have hit the volume button down for more than 2 seconds. That turns everything off. To turn it back on you have to hold it down for even longer (which we didn’t do, maybe only a second). So strange that turning the car off and on again doesn’t reset it.
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Thank you Gormsss, hold the volume button for more than 2 sec worked for me.
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