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Happy new owner of a CX-50 Turbo Premium

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New owner of a black on black CX-50 Turbo Premium and I absolutely love this car. Been 2 weeks now with about 500 miles on it. Did a lot of research before buying this car and as soon as I test drive it I knew it was the one! The pick up this car has is so much more faster and enjoyable than my previous vehicle-a 2012 Grand Cherokee with a V6. The handling, acceleration and maneuverability truly allows a sporty feel to this class of vehicle. Oh and how sharp it looks sure helps too! :love:
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Welcome to the forum! Good looking car!
Thank you
Congrats. I traded in my 2013 Grand Cherokee because it was starting to leak oil. Wanted something that would tow and 3500 lbs was enough for me to tow my 15 ft. boat. Thankfully the recall on the tow hitch is resolved and they are back in stock. I ended up getting the Meridian edition because of the 0% financing deal, even though, except for that, the premium plus seems like a better deal.
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