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Floor jack lift points?

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Can anyone point me to a place in the manual or elsewhere that shows the corract front and rear floor jack lift points for an awd (turbo)?
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Ask, and ye shall receive: Jack/lift points
Thank you! A weird choice for the rear spot. May have to stick with scissor jack for changing wheels.
The scissor jack that came with my CX-50 is a bit iffy. Should hunt for a more sturdy one.
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Well why not use your floor jack on the pinch welds?
I do.
So I just used a floor jack on the two lift points as mentioned above. You lift the rear of the vehicle, and place two jack stands on the rear side pinch welds. Then lift the front just behind the engine, and place two jack stands on the front side pinch welds. I was able to then use a creeper and change the oil and rotate the tires. Very nicely done Mazda, and the little acces door for the oil filter and drain plug is superb!
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