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Just curious when others are planning on doing their first oil change and after. I only have 400 miles on mine and was planning on using my free dealer oil change at 1000 miles. Even though it is not recommended in any manual, I've heard/read it is good practice to do the first one this early to potentially get out new engine micro debris from the manufacturing process. I'm not an engine guru but would like to think that modern tolerances and manufacturing are beyond this, thoughts?

I know everyone has their opinion on regularly scheduled oil changes, some do every 3K or 5K, and then there are those that take it out to 10K because that is what the automatic maintenance system tells them, like on the CX-50. The manual says under normal driving oil changes are every 10K, which I think is way too long. It also says under severe driving conditions oil changes are every 5K. I plan on rolling with every 5K or possibly sooner, but am curious as to what others plan on doing for regular intervals on oil changes. Thanks ahead of time for your insight.

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I did my first oil change at 1000 miles. I follow the 5000 miles interval.
Hi all. I'm "age challenged" and am not young. Since the "new detergent, super, new and improved oil" came out to go along with much better engines by most manuracturer's, my wife and I have always changed it every 5K. Without going into too much detail, we have owned cars for many years, and I attribute that to 5K oil changes. We just sold a 2009 Corvette with 97K miles on it as a testament to how important oil changes are to engine longevity. Yes, every 5K. Always. The Vette was a magnificent Victory Red, 4LT, top of the line.

And, while I see and have heard of people who neglect maintaining the proper tire pressure, that too is very important. That's one of the many reasons why we purchased the CX-50, since you can actually see the tire pressure being pulled up on the screen. (not sure if available to all '50 owners.) Proper tire pressure impacts so many things about how your '50 drives, performs and importantly maintains long tire life. Tire warranty can be negated if signs of improper tire pressure are observed but correct tire pressure will greatly increase how long tires last.

I keep an Akface tire pump in my trunk. Plug it into what used to be called the "lighter" input and its ready to go. (around $30.00)

Safe driving to all!


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