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Emergency Automatic Braking?

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What determines what triggers the warning and then the braking? I’ve had the warning go off a couple of times for no apparent reason.
I’ve tried to trigger it my self by braking at the last minute as approaching a carbor object but nothing happens. Makes me think it’s not working, but I figure I’d get some kind of warning that something is wrong.
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I don’t know the answer, but I hate it with the passion of a thousand hot suns. It’s one of those “features” of no “benefit” to me.
anyway to disable it?
Not permanently by the user. One can disable it per session in the settings menu. Perhaps a dealer could tinker with the ECU to turn it off, but probably wouldn’t accept the liability of doing so. Never know until you ask. I prefer to hold on to my seething anger. It gives me purpose.
I learned to turn off my rear collision avoidance. It kept engaging while reversing with bicycles hanging off the back. Settiings,safety,collision avoidance, to turn off front or rear
This is an older video, but it gives you a give idea how it works.

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