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Dashcam installation

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Hello folks,

I am planning to install a dashcam and connect it to the 12V port under the center console. Any tips or installation photos that can help hide the wire and not let it dangle from the dash camto the 12V port?
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I moved my existing Blackvue front/rear dashcam from my CX-5 when I replaced that with the 50. It is a 3 wire dashcam (ground, switched & constant power), so that USB adapter and the "mirror tap" 2 wire solutions would not work. I had it hardwired in the 5, but there are no switched interior fuses in the 50 and I didn't want to deal with running a wire to the engine fuses. I ended up tapping into the existing factory Homelink dimming mirror wiring based on details in the instructions for when that mirror is installed as an accessory. I've had absolutely no issues since doing it. You could do the same for a 2 wire install. Last post on this thread has the final details:

Dashcam Install using mirror wiring
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