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CX50 space specs

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I have the specs but, correct me, it seems worse than the CX5:
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Welcome to the forum @yanose The CX-50 should be bigger than the CX-5 both on the inside and outside. It's even wider than the CX-9.

While the CX-30 that lends its platform is a subcompact SUV, the CX-50 is a bit bigger in almost every dimension than the compact CX-5. It's longer, wider and has more ground clearance, however overall height is a bit lower. The size pays dividends inside, too, with greater legroom than the CX-5, although Coleman couldn't give any specific dimensions for the CX-50 inside or out. He also said that the CX-50 is wider even than the CX-9, and as a result, it would actually be too wide to build at Mazda's Hiroshima facility, hence its production at the new Mazda-Toyota joint plant in Alabama. Mazda was also able to go with these dimensions since the CX-50 is designed for North America, so making sure it was usable down tight Japanese and European streets wasn't a priority.
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Thanks a lot, that is my first priority and I have read all that but those number I sent were for the CX50. If they are not wrong, those are real number to compare. The numbers for the CX-5 are similar or even biggers (at least on the web page. That info was sent to me, with all the trims and options. For example, the Headlights - Adaptive Front-Lighting System (AFS) will only be available for the turbo models on the CX-50 while if is available from 2.5 S premium on the CX-5. Really, if you don't need the bigger towel capacity from the CX50, i can not find a reason to preffer it over the CX5 with the numbers, specs and prices.
This are the number for the CX-5 (from the web). I hope I miss something because again, the one for the CX50 are not bigger.

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I want to know the Cargo area and dimensions. With the torsion beam eliminating the need to have the wheel wells intrude on the cargo area, it should be a tad bigger than the Cx-5 on that basis alone. However, I was genuinely hoping the vehicle itself would be longer and wider, adding even more room. Is it too much to hope that the Cx-50 is somewhere north of 35 cf of cargo space?

The 2nd row legroom and bench width needs to be improved over the CX-5 too.
doesn't looks good: 31.4 (cx50). vs 30.8 (cx5). With the second row folded, the numbers on cx50 are worse than cx5.

CX50 numbers
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CX5 cargo volume (from website).
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