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I’ll bulletize for quick read…
  • Ride -Firm but not Rough
  • New Factory/ Model Fit and Finish - As an Engineer and a bit detail concerned- very happy so far initially made a little plastic clicking over bumps but found not fully seated plastic pillar cover by dash not fully clicked in
Paint Finish - Very good minimal orange peel
Interior - Terracotta looks GREAT and other than mentioned above so far so good
Systems - great safety features but a bit concerned about future potetential part replacement cost because of all the glitz ex. adaptive headlights. Headlight assembly with motor needs replacement, no more $2 bulb. Most lights are LED.
Bose Stereo - Awesome
I-Stop - mine hasnt activated yet….probably good thing
Handling / Steering - Very Happy
Reliability Expectation - Engine / Tranny made in Japan same plant CX-5 ( quazillion made) are built, Fit and Finish of Alabama Chasis assembly looks good, so far do good time will tell,
Summary- Satisfied Owner so far after 1.5 Mos..
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