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My wife and I both have Pixel 4s. She connected hers on Day One. I connected mine on Day Two. For some reason, the car would connect to my device ("Pixel_4_2") instead of hers ("Pixel_4_1") if my device is within range.

First thing I did was go into the settings and set her phone as primary/first/whatever. I thought I'd fixed it, but no joy. If I'm around, Chuck connects to my phone instead of hers. Here's where it gets really weird.

I deleted the connection in my phone—the CX-50 STILL reconnects. It doesn't request the connection. It doesn't show "Mazda" is available. It just connects to my phone. It's so damned persistent, it will actually turn my Bluetooth ON to make the connection.

I've never seen anything like it. Any ideas? I'm going to see about deleting the device from the settings in-vehicle, but haven't had the car for a few days.

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