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Car didn’t move in Drive?

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I shifted from Park to Drive and the car didn’t move forward, it was in complete park. I then put it back in Park and immediately back to Drive and it started rolling like normal. Any idea why this would happen? Anything I can do to prevent this in the future? Thanks!
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Did you have the Parking Brake engaged? Did you have Autostop enabled? Did you have it in "manual" mode by accident?
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thanks for the response! Parking brake was not engaged, auto stop not on, and not in manual. When the car wasn’t moving, I checked all of those items as well before pushing it back to park. Thanks
Nope, on very flat pavement, unfortunately! Hah
Though the parking brake showed disengaged, perhaps it was stuck as others have experienced from sitting overnight with moisture present. Maybe cycling from Park to Drive the second time freed it up.
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