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Blank Center Screen

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Some of you may already know about this feature. I had my center screen mysteriously go blank on me. I reviewed the Mazda User Manual and didn't see anything obvious that could cause it. It started working (again mysteriously) a day or two later. Thought the display might be flakey. Took the the CX-50 to Mazda service today for a different reason and mentioned this to the service advisor. He showed me that if you happen to press down on the volume / mute button for greater than 3 seconds, it turns off the display. Apparently it is for situations where the driver may not want passengers to see info on the display (like an Uber driver). Anyhow just sharing in case this happens to any of you.
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Having intermittent blank screen on startup. After using android auto for navigation shut the truck down. Upon starting blank screen later that day after being in supermarket started up and surround view came on but when I put it in drive blank screen again. Came home and parked in driveway screen came on with Android auto when I put it in park. What the heck is this.
I'm watching this issue. So far since I did a return to factory reset and haven't used android auto it's been fine. Still under test.
If it helps loved my Genesis Gv70 until the transfer case failed at 3000 miles and the driveshaft at 3500. This is why that trucks gone and I bought the Mazda even a 1st year model. I have no doubt I will have better luck with my CX50. Never again hyundai or Genesis for me.
Wasn't a one off either I was part of a gv70 forum. The forums are the real deal.
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