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Base Turbo availability

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I think the base turbo trim level is the right one for me but the sales contacts I have aren't able to give me an estimate on when they'd be allocated one. It seems Mazda is prioritizing higher trims right now. Does anyone have any insight on when the base turbo trim level will start to be produced and allocated to dealerships? I'm fine waiting until they're produced it would just be nice to know if it'll happen during summer, fall, winter or could it be even longer than that? Does anyone have any insight or historical estimates?
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Welcome to the forum @CasualKyle! That's usually the case with new cars like the CX-50. They want to push all the limited and top trim models first before rolling out the base models. If I had to guess it would probably be sometime towards the fall or the end of the year. But it's hard to guess production dates these days with all the supply issues that can come up. Have you reached out to multiple dealers to try and get an idea on when they're arriving?
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