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Audiophile, not

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I’m a gearhead, a bit audio tech disabled. My old iPod nano connected and functioned in my previous auto’s, home receiver, even my Goldwing, but not the CX50, via the console USB inputs. Of course there is no 3.5 aux available either. Are there any reliable resources, tutorials for downloading to thumb drive without downloading someones sketchy software? Im unable to locate any USB input device with a mini jack input that will plug in to the inputs in the console For this application, that works. Thanks in advance for input and suggestions. Still loving this car!
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Just copy all your music files to a regular USB thumb drive, then plug that into the car's port in the center console. Your car will automatically detect it and you'll be able to select it from the source menu on the radio.
Heh! You're welcome. I was gonna add that this is detailed in the Owner's Manual, but then I went to look and found there's no detailed info there at all about this, only some references to "USB audio".

So, based on my CX-5 (don't have my CX-50 yet), I would add that the easiest way to load the USB is to have every album in a separate folder. You can then browse in 'folder' mode. But you can also browse by album or artist based on the embedded tags, if your music has these all set up.
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