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Open the door and the Map Light LEDs (the 2 on the outside of the 3, 4 total) illuminate but the footwell lighting does not... Is it supposed to?
Start the car and the footwell lighting illuminates and so do the 2 LEDS shown in the photo below.
Within a few seconds the 4 outer LEDs (2 per side) in the overhead console turn off and we are as shown below
Go out for a drive and the 2 dim LEDs and the footwell lighting do not turn off.
Shut the car off and the 2 dim LED's and the footwell lighting turns off.

I did update the "software" (not sure which got updated but I would guess the body controller if I had to) as I was instructed to do by the vehicles system a few weeks ago. I am not sure if this behavior occurred before the update. I think maybe not. I would have noticed.

I tried all the buttons, went thru all the menus, read everything in the manual nothing.
I went to the dealer.. no codes, nothing in their tech data base. They were initially stumped, but did agree that it was not right.
I have an appointment Wednesday but I am not hopeful.
Any one have this anomaly?
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