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Hey all, I've had my CX-50 TPP, Zircon on black for a few months now, cars pretty great. Coming from a 2010 acadia I will say the acadias BOSE sounded a little better, but could be from the wirless android auto which is very nice however. Heads up display is great although I wish it had my current gear. I did notice the drivers seat is slightly off center which is annoying as it sometimes cuts off side of the HUD and fuel gauge. the turbo definitely is a gas sipper and you have to be pretty conservative to get close to the 30mpg hwy est. I noticed premium does run a bit better. A couple of times from research, I think it was the AC cycling, my revs at stoplights would rapidly increase and decrease and wobble the car. Many great hidden settings like automatic climate control of heated/vented seats and walk away locking. Overall 9/10, stock tires are meh. I wish we got ambient lighting as well. Wireless Charger gave my S22 ultra an 8hr charge estimate which only works with no case and NFC off. Auto stop/starts unintrusive and you have to depress the brake pretty far to engage it. Interior gets very hot, woukd reccomend whathertech sun shade. Also PPFed my door sills.
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