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Hey guys! Just like most of you, my family and I recently acquired a CX-50.

I've been watching YouTube video after video making sure this was the one for us (me lol) and I finally said #### it lets do it. Mazda bought my Manual 15 Mazda6, and put us in what I'd like to consider an automotive masterpiece.

It feels alive! The bose sound system is fire, the visibility is great, the lights inside and out are amazing. I couldn't have purchased a better vehicle.

I worked out of the trunk of the 6, and now I have so much more space for more equipment and tools!

I'm not new to Mazda, and I feel like each one ive owned had its own personality, which made each of them as great as their former.

I'm blown away. I'm really enjoying it haha. I've been chuckling to myself just looking at it. I've lost interest in my oldschool mazdas! Hahah.

Excited for the future with this thing.

My son digs the panoramic roof lol

Going to polish and ceramic coat the CX-50 this upcoming week.

Until then I'm using foam touchless washes only, Griots Garage makes great soaps, and their ceramic wash and coat does great for temporary protection.

I'm gonna use a 3 year coating in the long run but that should do for now.

I'm rambling lol. I hope you guys are enjoying your 50s as much as i!
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