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As I said previously, I just picked up my 2023 CX-50 Premier Plus, and my wife and I have a lot to learn about these 'modern' cars. Our previous ride was a 2006 Ford FreeStar and it's only factory option was the rear A/C. Also I am a very senior citizen. I've been using the online manual because things are much easier to find there.

I have two things that don't agree between the online manual and my CX-50.

The manual shows the video system has a 360 degree view around the car and all you have to do is push the VIEW button. The only thing I've seen is the back up display. The manual shows a switch on the left side of the dashboard above the seat memory buttions, but on my CX-50 it's blank. Is my Premium PLUS supposed to have 360 view?

The manual also shows 'Traffic Jam Assist' to be controlled by a switch on the right side of the steering wheel next to the cruise control buttons. My window sticker says that I have Mazda Cruise Control with Stop & Go. The switch isn't where they indicate, the only thing there is a solid blank button. Did they change something?

I havn't had a chance to try the stop & go out. We've only driven our Mazda 165 miles, and where we live there isn't a lot of traffic. Tomorrow we plan on going down to Huntsville and I'll be able to get a better idea of what is working.
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